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“Mama’s boy” was not the term he used at the time though — he preferred the term “the Oedipus Complex.” Freud theorized that the male child can only reach masculine subjectivity by distancing himself from his mother and renouncing feminine traits within himself.

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I know that it is really difficult being in a long distance relationship.are always guys.." That is frankly one of the lamest things I've ever seen!

Those statements couldn't be further from the truth but they do sound like they're coming from a person who has been cheated on time and time again.

You need to seriously evaluate your thinking, and the way you view and subsequently treat men.

The fact that you do not go out with your friends at all is not healthy, and it is certainly not justification for you to label the fact that he has a good time without you as "unfair." You will never have a happy, health or successful relationship if you do not change your mind-set. "I just feel that guys ( whatever race they come from ) will cheat when they have the chance...

Did the events of 1939-1945, South Africa, Rwanda, and indeed, the events that occurred in Bosnia not teach you anything about that line of thinking?

" even if your boyfriend has been disloyal, that shouldn't be a fact to back up a belief that ALL members of said culture are disloyal So, your question is essentially to profile the behavior and morals of a person on the grounds of their ethnic origin and religion?

The other problem that happens if you have been cheated on more than a few times is what I call your "bat senses" can become defective.

In other words, your instincts (gut feelings) can get warped.

we are in a long distance relationship right now and I noticed these past few months that he kept going out ( drinking with his brother as what he always said to me and recently went out for camping)... Human beings are individuals and should be evaluated as such.

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