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There is no evidence that Olympus was a maritime city prior to the 2nd century AD.

On this basis Mustafa Adak has argued that Olympos was initially founded on Mount Olympus, which he identifies as Musa Dağı instead of Tahtalı Dağı.

At this point the Cilician pirates had taken control of the city, either through conquest or profitable collaboration with the inhabitants.

As a consequence the city abandoned the League or was evicted from it.

Anatolius was a signatory of the joint letter that the bishops of Lycia sent in 458 to Byzantine Emperor Leo I the Thracian regarding the murder of Proterius of Alexandria.

Ioannes took part in the synod convoked in 536 by Patriarch Menas of Constantinople.

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Sinopsis: Un mundo donde el héroe y el rey demonio continúan oponiéndose entre si.

A wall and an inscription on a sarcophagus have been dated to the end of the 4th century BC, so Olympus must have been founded at the latest in the Hellenistic period., Timber Mountain), one of over twenty mountains with the name Olympos in the Classical world.

The city was a member of the Lycian League, but it is uncertain when it joined the League.

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