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The first thing I need to say in this situation is “DON‘T PANIC.” Many parents, if they have not done their own work, (as we discussed in an earlier chapter) get very anxious, panicked, upset or angry when they discover their child is engaging in sexting or looking at pornography online.

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Another thing to think about here is how we find out that the child is engaging in cybersexual behaviors.

Our knee jerk response is likely to be very different if we find a pornography site in the cookies of the laptop than if we get a call from the school principal indicating that our child was found to be sending naked pictures of a classmate.

Viewing pornography for many adolescents is a part of their sexual exploration.

Access and availability have made online pornography a venue for sexual exploration and sex education.

She maintains a private practice in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. In 2007, she began to specialize in treating sexual addiction and cybersex offenders and, in 2010, opened Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, her private practice which specializes in treating all aspects of problematic sexual behavior as well as sexual offending. Weeks on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and via her website

Many individuals are comfortable with committing deviant behavior on the Internet because they believe they can do so anonymously.When an attorney is admitted to the Texas bar, he swears to offer his services to the best of his abilities.Houston Internet sex crimes attorney Gary Miller strongly believes in the oath that he took when he became a licensed defense attorney in Texas.So you walk into your child’s room and see pornography on the screen.To approach this from a growth mindset is to say, “OK, I’m not really excited about this but it is done. How can I handle this so that we both can learn from the discovery and move forward in a healthy way? You are also instilling in them the idea that communicating about difficult issues is not only possible but is a good thing. If you approach the issue of finding your child looking at online pornography or sexting you can approach it in several ways.Clearing your name of any allegations may be the best way to boost your reputation in the community.

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