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So when I climbed up and looked through her bedroom window I could Joanne lay naked on the bed with her legs spread wide while fingering herself. She squirted a couple times and was making some sexy noises.

She was watching porn on the laptop with headphones in. She eventually spotted me watching her and quickly covered up.

I would definitely not claim that it spends more time lodged between my naughty buttocks then pulling trailers in any given week. I watched a movie and in the movie a guy picked up his friends girlfriends knickers and smelt them and seemed to enjoy it. I put them back in the basket and went back down stairs.

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I then stripped naked and started wanking with Joanne's knickers wrapped around my cock. I then opened the knickers again and started smelling them. I spy on her through the keyhole when she's taking a shower.

I've watched her finger herself when she thought I wasn't home.

Joanne stopped hoovering, sat up and said, "go and get in my bed, I'll be up in a minute." So I do.

When I got to Joanne's room I stripped down makes an got in her bed, I was so excited. I was a little gutted, until she sat on my face and started sucking my cock.

Joanne was bent over in her short skirt, trying to hoover under couch.

I walked up behind her and placed my hand on her back.

I'd came home from my mothers house early and the front door was locked, and I'd forgotten my key.

So after knocking on and getting no answer, I climbed over the back fence to see if the back door was unlocked, but it wasn't.

The hole is about three feet off the ground and fits loosely around my erection.

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