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So, for example, instead of celebrating Tute 1 (the Coptic New Year) on September 11th in 2016 (as is usual), we celebrate the first of Tute 13 days earlier, on August 29th.

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Today, so many of our feasts now actually DIFFER from the Orthodox celebration of the same feast by, you guessed it, 13 days (for those Orthodox who follow the New Revised Julian Calendar)!

We often talk about “unity” and “our Orthodox brothers and sisters,” when keeping our calendar as is actually causes a divergence on almost all feasts.

After all, calendars were implemented based on those two pillars, and the attempt was made to make the calendar accurate; when inaccuracy is discovered, the original intention for accuracy merits a calendar change.

About 40 years before Christ was manifested in the flesh, emperor Julius Caesar directed there to be an accurate calendar created.

An INCIDENTAL fact is that we will be aligned with “the West” and with many Orthodox jurisdictions.

To simply hate this idea because it happens to be similar to the West, or the Catholic Church, is a poor reason for not doing something correctly; it’s that same reasoning that has lead us to Protestantism. I say we just subtract 13 days from the end of the Coptic New Year and declare the new year to begin on that date.

(Note, not everyone follows this new calendar, and it actually has caused much unnecessary strife among many in the Orthodox world).

Pope Tawadros II’s view The Good News Canadian Journal interviewed His Holiness and here is what he had to say about this This problem has nothing to do with religion. The West follows a calendar and the East follows a different one.

For example (using 2016 dates): Unfortunately too often we call something “Faith” and “Tradition” when it is not.

The way our priests dress, our language, the way our icons look, the way our churches are built, the tunes of our hymns, etc., are all near and dear to our hearts as being small “t” traditions passed on within our various churches, and that is well and dandy (I’m a huge fan of such traditions).

And so, it is natural that around this time of year many of us begin to think about the Christmas date and whether we should be celebrating it all together at the same time.

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