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You can move the library files and the media together if the media folder is a direct subfolder of the library folder.

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I would like to use the I-tunes consolidate library function to bring it all together in one folder. however, this only works if the files in those different locations are managed by i Tunes.

I'm worried this will cause problems with SSL, or even with I-tunes? things can get sticky quick if those files aren't in i Tunes, but you've dragged and dropped those files/folders onto SSL, for example.

if you use i Tunes import in SSL, what i'd suggest doing is turning it off in SSL. if there are still files in SSL, make notes of where these files are are your drive and make sure i Tunes isn't also handling some of those files.

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So, with that general background covered let's see if we can't make some concrete suggestions just for you. Assuming they are not already there, and with i Tunes closed, copy the active library files i Tunes Library.

I'd suggest you start by making sure i Tunes is using the new i Tunes Media Organisation layout, except they've stopped using that description. Now click the icon to start i Tunes and immediately press down and continue to hold the SHIFT key until asked to choose or create a library.Having made a library "portable" you may need to take a final step of renaming the library folder to i Tunes or, if the library files have ended up at the root of a drive, moving all of the library files and content folders into a new folder called i Tunes.After each change you need to open, test and close the relevant library before attempting another change.In this app, i Tunes can even case the relocation of your moment wed for you, making the unaffected process quite seamless.The most excellent why to keep in app is that once a desktop file is come in the i Tunes avatar, it is come from i Tunes by the superlative dating i.May 14, In the layout above, with the media folder everything in the red box inside the library folder, the library is considered to be portable.

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