Colt 1911 serial number dating

I like them all, but the Series 70s are my favorites.

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All of these modifications to the John Browning designed and Colt produced Model 1911 remind me of a couple of things.

I have a really good friend in Memphis that once told me, "those folks in Nashville have been looking for somebody that can sing better than old George Jones for years, and they ain't found them yet".

Since the slide is the only part actually marked with the manufacturer's name, you can see the problem that arises. Karwan in the 3/1/95 issue of Classic Firearms will shed some light. The guns themselves can help you reveal which company made the pistol's frame.

World War II production: five (5) manufacturers made the M1911A1 pistol: * Colt * Ithaca * Remington-Rand * Union Switch & Signal * Singer Sewing Machine Co. 500) The problem with ID'ing M1911A1's is that parts are totally interchange- able, and during the lives of many examples their slides were many times switched or replaced.

The Browning design was so great, that it has been changed little in over 100 years of production.

This gun shares the nick-name "Colt .45" with Colt's other famous .45 caliber handgun, the Single Action Army "Peacemaker" revolver, but, that is the cartridge it fires—not a proper name for the handgun.

From 1970 to 1976 the serial numbers had a prefix of "70G", from 1976 to 1980 they had a suffix of "G70" which changed to a prefix of "70B" from 1980 until 1983 when production ceased.

In 1983 the Series 80 Models were introduced with an additional passive firing pin safety lock and the half-cock notch was also redesigned.

In 1999 Colt released the XSE Series Model O Pistols.

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