Christian kane dating sofia pernas

Regarding her personal life, she is in relation with her longtime boyfriend, Randal Graves As of now, she is happy to have such an amazing boyfriend and her soulmates.

If you want to know about her career, personal life regarding her dating, relationship, and past affairs then stay on our page.

:) alright well ive looked around and i noticed Christian and Whitney arent following eachother on twitter, as if that means anything, im just sayin they arent. I know he's not married cause in his interviews he always says that when he sings he tells the truth and he wouldn't sing about being married cause he knows nothing about it... Christian is in Portland filming leverage right now.... Leveragegal23 He was in Nashville right before that tweet.

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I know how tu feel, he keeps his social life pretty private!

lol But i know for a fact that he's not married i've seen interviews where he's been asked that question, and he seemed pretty adamant about that fact.

I know someone in her family NOT HER so people remember I do not know her and what she is doing.

Just what everyone here is saying they are so happy about ;) lol I have no idea if they are together, didn't see them together at the time but she was in Portland this week and latest tweet says she's headed inicial for warmer weather.

One of the talented actresses of the industry, Sofia who surely might have a huge fan following, is dating her longtime boyfriend Randal Graves.

This is a sad news for all the fans of Sofia but the duo is giving us serious relationship goals as they are seen going on romantic vacations together, uploading pictures on their social media. Apart from this, the couple was spotted in different places together hanging out on vacations and dates and outing as well.Actually he is single as in UNMARRIED but he and Whitney Duncan re united at the first part of 2011 after what I was told was a año apart. although if tu would rather see it on the web there is plenty on twitter and an interview Christian Kane did with CMT not answering the girlfriend pregunta at all.LMAO I think it is sweet when they try to keep it private, but sadly nothing ever is in the public eye.They have been together ever since, with her flying from L.A to Portland while he's filming Leverage, and Christian flying inicial to visit.Well gosh, we now know that Whitney was married in the late summer o fall of 2010, so it turns out he was not with her in early 2011.

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