Choice developing item multiple test validating

The selection process for the Qualifying Score Panels mirrored the selection process for the CACs.

The BRC comments and suggestions were communicated to the CAC members, who made the revisions.

If a bias-related revision by the CAC differed substantively from what was suggested by the BRC, follow-up was conducted with a member of the BRC to make sure the revision was mutually agreed-upon.

The MTEL Test Objectives serve the purpose of providing explicit descriptions of the content eligible to be included on the tests.

The purposes of the test objectives include As an initial step in preparing the MTEL Test Objectives, Evaluation Systems, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (the Department), systematically reviewed relevant documents that established the basis for the content of the tests and incorporated the content of the documents into the draft test objectives.

CACs were charged with reviewing and validating the content of the tests; one CAC was constituted for each test field.

Bias prevention was the focus of the BRC, a group of Massachusetts educators who participated in reviews of test materials throughout the development process.Validity refers to the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretations of test scores for proposed uses of tests.Validity is, therefore, the most fundamental consideration in developing tests and evaluating tests.The CACs included public school educators and faculty engaged in the preparation of prospective educators.Nominations for membership on the committees were elicited from public school administrators, deans at higher education institutions, public school educators, educator organizations, academic and professional associations, and other sources specified by the Department.Evaluation Systems documented the nominations of eligible educators for the Department, which reviewed educator applications to select the educators to invite to serve on the CACs based on their qualifications (e.g., content training, years of experience, accomplishments).

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