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Keanu shared that his ex-girlfriend was not able to cope up with the fact that her child was dead and that she never recovered from the trauma. Eventually, just a few weeks after their breakup, Syme lost her life in a car accident.

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The “surfing crime thriller”–a genre unto itself–will be set in Southeast Asia and financed by RGM Entertainment, a Singaporean-Australian production company. I’m so stoked, I’m pitching titles for the sequel: Amazian Jr.

(sighs) Are you going to be filming a new sequel, with original co-writer Peter Iliff slated to write and direct.

KARATE LADY: I can’t believe I’m dating Keanu Reeves.

KEANU: I’ll tell you what : you’re so beautiful, of course I’ll go out with you.

[Laughing Squid] Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen’s personal Tumblr blog is stylish, charming, and totally follow-worthy. How Japanese scientists identified an earwax gene that identified Euro/Afro earwax as wet-waxy, and East Asian earwax as dry? Source Source Source (NSFW) Filed under: Cake Farts, Cultural Lows, Earwax Studies, Gross, Hygiene, Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves Earwax, Orifices, Snews, Unreasonable crushes, Useless Conclusions, What Is Wrong With Me? Hmm…is Just Jared invoking “karate” because Keanu and China are both Asian, sorta?!

[whatever eva wants] Starlet Tila Tequila recently revealed that she suffers from an eating disorder. Well, if that’s the case, I guess our man cannot physically deny that he is mostly wet and waxy, and therefore a Dairy Queen cone.

Just a few months after the sad incident, the couple broke up and moved their ways.

However, they stayed close friend even after the breakup.

KARATE LADY: Actually, powder pecs, if we’re assessing porcelain skin and bones, you’re the china doll here.

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