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But at the time of his original publication, it met with severe criticism by some parts of the Japanese society.

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The manga became so popular that several live-action films and TV series based on the manga were developed.

Harenchi Gakuen is considered as probably the work that has had the most influence in the world of manga at the end of the 1960s, leading the newly born Shōnen Jump magazine to sell millions of copies per week.

His first works consisted entirely of short gag comedy manga. In less than a year after debuting, he met with a big success.

After being an unknown manga artist, he became a protagonist of televised debates and journalistic investigations.

He, however, had a clear sense of what things he could or could not do with the manga.

At first, Nagai didn't think that the opposition was against him, since he was aware of the standards that applied with movies and similar things for an audience below 18 years old.

Two or three days later, Nagai was invited to become an assistant with Ishinomori and this work was forgotten until 2007, when it was published for the first time, in the magazine Comic Ran TWINS Sengoku Busho Retsuden (コミック乱 TWINS 戦国武将列伝) by LEED, under the name Satsujinsha (殺刃者(さつじんしゃ)).

A common misconception is that Kuro No Shishi (Black Lion) was his first manga work; while not entirely false, what Nagai really made two years earlier than Meakashi Polikichi, was only a draft for what would later be Kuro no Shishi, which would not be actually published until 1978.

In 1968, while Shueisha was getting prepared to launch its first manga publication, Shōnen Jump, in order to compete with other magazines from rival companies (like Shōnen Magazine from Kodansha and Shōnen Sunday from Shogakukan), Nagai was invited to be one of the first manga artists publishing in the new magazine.

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