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Being a bit cautious today i decided to put on some music to cover up my moans, and i am into metal/rock so i put on Tenacious D.

Than i sat down against the bed and he walked up and started licking my pussy this time, i thought he wasn’t going to try to mount my face, so i coaxed him with my hand and pulled him up towards me, and he got up and tried to penetrate my mouth like it was a pussy, i immediately put my hand on dog cock and guided it into my mouth, tasting him for the first time, it was a bit salty, but i knew it would be.

He wanted me to go hunting with him for a few days on the land owned by a close friend of his.

Chat sex cam cam hind

Onya was full of anticipation as he knew what was to come.

Hubby would hold the other dog on his leash, so he was allowed to watch what was going on.

In order to follow the order of his master, the dog has to fuck his mistress. She must be very tight or maybe she is knotted in the asshole to keep her furry lover tied that way!

She is a submissive slut who wants him to suck her pussy and serve her like a mistress. I have seen thousands of videos with dog sex, have seen dozens of real life dog-girl-man triangles, but never seen so hot configuration.

I would kneel down in front of dog on my hands and knees, facing my rear in in front of his face.

Without fail, dog would already have dog hard cock out ready to jump straight on board.My dog came over to me as soon as i got excited, and started licking my pussy through my panties, i guess he just sensed my arousal, and decided to pleasure me, to which i happily obliged and removed my panties on the spot, letting him unrestricted access to both my holes with his delicious tongue.He seemed to like my ass a bit more than my pussy though, i guess he just got hooked on the taste yesterday , and decided i was going to be his little anal bitch, which i was very glad about, i thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and was looking forward to many ass fucks from my dog.All were nice looking, large, fine specimens I was excited to get them home, let them settle in start their training.It was making me wet just thinking about what was to come!Then Hubby would remove him then allow the other dog to sniff lick at my pussy.

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