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If we could all volunteer our time, be with our families more often, and build communities and gardens together?

I think our society and the health of our planet would be much better off… :) ******** We’ve cut our expenses to the basics so that we can live on ~55% of our take home pay…

I cut coupons and made most of our food from scratch. Vacations for us were walks on the beach or a picnic at the zoo. My kids are in school and I’m still a stay at home mom.

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but, when you realize that stuff is not what makes you happy, you end up leading a richer and more frugal life forever and somehow it becomes really easy and quite freeing…

Imagine if we all stopped buying so much stuff and spending so much time working/commuting?

Because we live on way less than we earn, we have a weekly opportunity to fund unexpected expenses or little splurges, but most of the time it all gets moved somewhere sensible.

I find that by not budgeting for entertainment, clothing etc we don’t feel entitled – as if we’ve pre-approved ourselves to spent that amount without pausing to question whether we really need it.

And they come from all walks of life and situations!

I’ve done this for almost 5 years since I graduated college and started working.I budget 00 in expenses and bring in about 00 after taxes and Pre-Tax deductions (401K, medical, etc).Not surprisingly, I have 113K in cash and my 401K and Roth IRA add up to about 70K.When we looked at the end of 2011 we had still saved over ,000!It sounds so easy when I type it out into these simple clean sentences but it wasn’t and it was.My goal is to put a down payment on a house of about 50% and ideally my mortgage would be about what I pay in rent right now. We went from spending ALL of our money to spending only 1/2 of what we earned. It was not a time to freak out but to thoughtfully decide what we wanted to do next.

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