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However, amazing and glamorous drag shows can be found, and both the straight and gay press consider Sitges Carnaval a wild party.

The Sitges Carnival will entertain even the most demanding reveller.

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Sitges lies about 40 km south of Barcelona and is one of the most popular resorts of Southern Europe.

Sitges has long been an artist community; among the notables who frequented Sitges were Salvador Dal and poet Federico Garca Lorca.

Where it survivesfor when he wrote it had been banned in Spain by Francoit still enacts those old antagonisms.

"Carnival," he concluded, "is the representation of paganism itself face-to-face with Christianity." (pronounced Sit-jez) is one of the outstanding events of the Cataln calendar.

Carnaval Thursday sees the loose call 'of the Musson take place -- a personage more recently recovered who rocks the carnival at night, representing the beast inside us and the duality between the savage and our more civilized selves.

This is the traditional battle between order and chaos at the heart of carnival.

During all the celebration, the "shells" are broken on the people's heads.

They are made by filling up empty egg rinds with confetti.

There is also the Drag Queen contest, known throughout the world as one of Carnaval's most spectacular and magnificent.

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