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She became gradually fatter and fatter and as she was living with an aged male (6 years old), Caroline thought that she was pregnant (she´d been living with the male for some time without any resulting pregnancy).However, no babies resulted and Tabby got fatter and fatter.We found that men who are perceived as not being particularly masculine benefit the most from using deodorant.

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Many people would think £100 to spend on a pig´s operation and then intensive aftercare, would be too much money and trouble "just for a guinea pig". At least so far she is doing well and has a fighting chance which is something she didn´t have with the first vet. I have a pic of my guinea pigs ovarian cysts but they were nowhere near as big -- perhaps the size of a quarter. I´d definitely have your sow spayed, but by a competent, experienced exotic vet. It is more detailed about male neuters but the advice on finding a vet is the same. You might try a search on ovarian cysts for more info. I don´t feel £100 pounds is alot to spend considering the emotional investment we put into our furry friends.

If only more vets esp in the UK were keen to learn more about guinea pigs and how to help them. If not, maybe someone can tell me how to put it on the web! Check out the Guinea Lynx button and find Neutering in the index. I don´t have alot of respect for anyone who feels it is not worth while spending this kind of money on a Guinea Pig.

We used this in our study to collect masculinity and femininity ratings of both faces and odours and then see how the relationship between these was altered by artificial fragrances (participants’ own deodorants).

In total, 20 men and 20 women provided us with facial photographs, “unaltered” odour samples and “odour plus deodorant” samples.

I agree that £100 is not a lot to spend to save your pet, but there are many people who think its way too much and also a lot of vets (here in the UK) who wouldn´t consider doing an operation on a guinea pig as its too risky.

Luckily, we seem to have found a vet who is guinea pig knowleageable and used to keep them himself.

But we wanted to know how successful such products actually are in manipulating our perceptions of masculinity and femininity when mixed with a person’s natural body odour.

Masculinity and femininity can be assessed in many ways, such as facial structure, voice and body odour.

These were then judged and rated by heterosexual participants (130 face raters and 239 odour raters) on the basis of their masculinity or femininity.

Given that previous findings have found that femininity is usually seen in faces and voices simultaneously while masculinity is often linked across faces, voices and body odour, we predicted that participants would give similar ratings to both faces and odours. Ratings given by men showed no agreement between the faces and odours of different donors.

But can artificial fragrances, mixed with our natural body odours, really make us appear more masculine or feminine?

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