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“We bring the real deal.” “I know that it probably sounds very scary,” Morse said of all of the information and security measures out there.

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An Amazon search lists a number of hidden cameras that are disguised as alarm clocks, USB chargers, smoke detectors, lamps, light bulbs and pens, to name a few.

“I’m not saying it to scare anybody but there are cameras that come in all shapes and sizes nowadays,” Morse said.

His company also recently investigated a case of a camera found in a corporate office’s restroom.

Over the last decade, there has been a rise in the number of secret surveillance bugs found during sweeps, he said, with his company finding them in 16 percent of their hunts. “There’s a variety of sick crazy reasons,” he said.

People suspicious of being watched are advised to look around for anything out of the ordinary, including items showing signs of tampering.

“I would make sure that the outlets look normal, that the smoke detectors are not necessarily near another one,” Morse said.

Ultimately, he says it’s because the technology has improved and people “are becoming more aware of it.” Ari Morse with investigative services company Locaters International Inc., in Daytona Beach, Florida, agrees.

“It is more common because the cameras are so affordable nowadays,” he told Huff Post.

Being employed in the tech industry, Starnes took the device down and inspected it, only to find a camera inside.

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