Bridget and shane harper dating

Though the idea is drilled into our heads basically since we are born, not everyone gets married.

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I hope people can connect to it in an emotional way.

Can you explain the concept for the music video and how it relates to the song?

You can't get over it." And he had the idea to have a girl in it and she represents the past love I'm trying to get over. The room is kind of a metaphor for the relationship that you built with this person.

You can't get over all the memories of being together in that space and the sadness that comes along with it.My director, Steven Taylor, gave me a call and said, "I have an idea for your video.What if you're just in this one room performing and there's this past relationship that's kind of haunting you.It's a little bit of a sad video, but it's still entertaining.and we kind of play love interests in that film, so it felt fitting to ask her. She has always been incredibly supportive of my music and loves the songs, so that always makes it easier.Connecting to the story and what the song's saying and how it feels.

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