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To finish the displays Bob Small showed ephemera of the Napoleonic era including repatriation certificates, discharge certificates and P. Terry Kirkman 13th November 2012 ====================================== Southampton Philatelic Society certainly gave us a varied evening's entertainment with three very different displays.

First out of the starting blocks was John Berridge with his Airmails to Ships 1911 to 1939 display.

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The display finished with the first perforated issues of 1864 with the Post Office taking over the perforating in 1871.

Bob Small, the Chairman, gave a vote of thanks for such a varied and entertaining evening.

Malta was the next offering by Graham Judd with postcards of the ships that fought the battles in the Mediterranean to safeguard this island during WWII.

On the other side of the world John Case displayed the stamps of the Solomon Islands.

With a thematic theme Paul Lear displayed bridges throughout the world from the Forth Road Bridge to the Sydney Harbour Bridge by the use of covers and miniature sheets.

With Don Symonds we can always expect something Swiss this time it was in the form of revenue stamps issued both federally as well as those issued by the individual Cantons.

Terry Kirkman, 27th November 2012 Despite the sub zero temperatures, there was a good turnout which ensured that the previous record for this evening's entertainment was broken with 36 members each displaying 3 sheets.

Whilst there was a Christmas theme to many of the exhibits, there was enough variety in the displays to satisfy all tastes.

As well as the covers there were also posters advertising the shipping lines. Also displayed were postcards of the aircraft carrying the mails including the DC 11 of the KLM airline.

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