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Now, at the end of 11th grade, the three teenagers moved with a flowing intimacy — their bodies melting, looping and reconfiguring like the liquid in a lava lamp.A 10-year-old girl, watching them, became so mesmerized that she inserted herself in the middle, on Beaux’s lap.Her boyfriend, Harry, was already there, 16 years old and newly manly in his purple button-down shirt.

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Read More Using her bodybuilding as the base in which to launch herself into a very successful career as a professional wrestler.

Melissa would love to share not only her bodybuilding but her pro wrestling with you.

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This is perhaps a result of the fact that Hanna is a person who falls in love with one thing and then falls in love with another thing and then, instead of letting go of the first, just adds on. He was a mensch already and had been friends with Hanna in ninth grade, when she talked about almost nothing but her love for Beaux. Hanna’s house is where a bunch of Hanna and Beaux’s friends plan to come if they get kicked out of their own homes.

She loved all the Harry Potter books, and then she loved all the Percy Jackson books, and she still rereads them both. He did not want to be the kind of boyfriend who kept his girlfriend from chasing her bliss. “ESP not high schoolers.” She was not entirely kidding. “If our life is a sitcom,” he explained, “I’m the token straight guy.” Beaux has a theory: San Francisco is the capital of white gay men. “When you are queer, that becomes like a huge part of who you are,” Hanna told me, “because you just start to be like, Damn, I’m so gay, constantly.” You’re sitting watching “Castle,” and Stana Katic comes on-screen, and you’re like, Damn, I’m really gay! But the city is not all one big sparkly unicorn of love. The space is a monument to comfort, supersaturated with chairs, books, blankets, snacks, humanity, tea bags, extra beds and warmth.

She wore boots, baggy jeans, shark-tooth earrings and a silk camisole, and her head was shaved. Over lunch at a big round table in the temple basement, Beaux looked at Hanna and said to the world, but mostly to Harry, “She’s so pretty!

” Harry and Beaux shared a moment of mutual appreciation over Hanna’s adorable nose freckles.

Then they joined a classroom of 7-to-9-year-olds to help the religious-school teacher explain how Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. In the synagogue, during the services that followed, Hanna and Harry sat in the back, his fingers tapping on her knee, her head resting on his shoulder, their chins occasionally tipped toward God as they sang prayers like show tunes. Everybody stared and smiled at them with the confidence that all was right in that tiny corner of the world....

Two by two may have worked for Noah’s animals in the (heteronormative!

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