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Now to connect a couple of my favorite cartridges and play but mostly after I come back from Dallas as I have lots of stuff to do before then.I put off updating my Silhouette Cameo 3 for quite a while.Update process: Screen 2 is yellow, like Mountain Dew Yellow. How to fix it is straight from the horse’s mouth with Silhouette being the horse, here’s what they say: If, during the firmware update process, you are experiencing any concerns with connection or the process has stalled on one step for greater than 30 minutes, please do the following to reset the process and reinstall the firmware anew: Unplug the CAMEO 3 power cord from the machine.

Mine needed a G firmware and then also Imagine content and firmware I would advise you to do it step by step selecting one box at a time.

First pic is photoshopped as I did not take a snap so words won't exactly match but just follow the gist. Now remember the1st pic is photoshopped from another pic After this it came as G not connected and then on it's own went to check for update again as I had not yet done the update for Imagine on the G it brought up that menu (fig down below which I photoshopped for my 1st one as I had not taken the first pic lol) 1) downloading content - 1 min 2) uploading updates - 5 min 3)do not turn off device -updating G - about 3mins 4) restart G 5)brings up the files and then if update is pending says G not connected and then goes back 6) Again Gypsy Imagine - firmware & content - has to be selected 7)downloading - 2 secs 8) uploading updates - 20 - 30 mins 9) after 100% it stayed on for some time.

Do you have resources that you like to use to work on inferencing?

Welcome to The Bug Bytes a site/blog mainly for Papercrafting and some photography and other stuff thrown in here & there.

Also any time you run into trouble after updating - troubleshoot I will be posting just the G update here.

Imagine will come later You have to reinstall the cricut sync which is now available at you might get unknown publisher.

Those not having Imagine do not do the 2nd part and for those having it - do it in steps. 10) do not turn off device - gypsy updating - 10 mins - 15 mins 11) it updated gypsy - 30 sec 12) again asked update are available Gypsy support and Imagine application - say what?

ok so here I go again 13) this time downloading data file and going pretty fast - 2 - 3 mins 14) Then uploading updates which is goes slow - it took 30 - 40 mins 15) And then again do not turn off device - says started - 1 min 16)and then writing cartridge data - 3 - 5 mins 17) writing cartridge overlay - 5 - 8 mins. 20 ) ok - now again downloading data file - quick - - 1 min 21) Then uploading updates - a bit slower - 5 mins 22) do not turn off the device - 1-2 mins 23) do not turn off device - updating cartridge data - about 2 - 3 mins 24)then again do not turn off - cartridge overlays - another 2 - 3 mins.

Add in some die cutting machine, scrapbooking tools, cameras, scissors , glue and...... If you have been redirected from Papillon Digital Design you have come to the right place.

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