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yaoi Lavix Kanda and very traumatised Allen Rukia and Byakuya don't know each other... Placed on his case now, she will try and find the answers. Hibari and Mukuro are sent America for a mission that turns out to be a little more like a vacation. What happens when they meet in the World of the livind on different missions? After the prince is thrown from the tower and killed, Rapunzel is left with child. Has been for some time and believes that his love will never be returned.

Along the way they encounter something that changes everything..."What is a soul? After years of rivalry, they find new ways to get along. Ashlynn is an Arrancar, just a mere fraccion, to the most blood thirsty Espada there is. Ukitake XOCI don't live with regrets, you know that Yumi, I’d rather this was a huge mistake we can laugh about later than it be a huge regret that tears us apart" Ikkaku hates the what if's, he rather do and apologise than live without ever knowing. Her son is taken away to live in the tower as Rapunzel's replacement, until a young lord comes to rescue him. ever wonder what could of happened with Gozu in epiosdes 33-34? kanda and gozu have a conversation about religion and things get fiery as kanda's temper flares and gozu learns more about kanda than anyone else ever did. At least he wishes to die by the hands of the person he loves. /YAOI/goes together with Falling Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, the Sexta Espada hates Las Noches more than anything. Will the meeting with new Espada change his mind on Hollow Land and the castle of the Night?

Fuji Syuusuke falls in love with his professor, but neither of them are brave enough to do anything about it until something terrible happens.

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Dramatic protagonists who don't like women usually don't like other men that much more.

Perpetrators in Crime Dramas will often have this as the root rationale for crimes against women.

The (partial) Spear Counterpart to Does Not Like Men.

When one of a character's major defining traits is his hatred of women.

The Trope Namer in this case is The Little Rascals, who (with the obvious exception of Darla) held meetings of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" in their treehouse.

If the male in question hasn't hit puberty yet, that's Girls Have Cooties.

Women who don't like men will more often than not be portrayed even less sympathetically, being written off as an "evil feminist", but members of this trope are usually just written as being bad from the start.

Consequently, He-Man Woman Haters are very often (but not always) Straw Misogynists while their Distaff Counterparts are much less likely to be Straw Feminists.

*sighs* There are only a few things that I dislike... I can write fanfiction on any fandom that I am familiar with, and that I don't hate. and I don't really mind what kind of pairing it is... Some reworked canon scenes in the beginning but original scenes will be frequent. Shinji develops a crush on Yumi's brother Nnoitra & Yumichika grows a liking to Nnoi's friend, Ichigo. READ THE WARNINGS: (Dark themes, murder, double crossing, alcoholism, domestic abuse) - NOT between Harry/Draco.

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