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She asked if I wanted her to change her gloves and slice fresh meat, but I denied because the entire block of ham was now contaminated.I let the manager know on the way out how disgusted I was with the staff slicing my lunch meat with dirty gloves on.I told her what I wanted and watched to see if she was going to put on clean gloves since she was just cleaning a dirty slicer.

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Management has been changed at this store several times. If not corrected, I will go to other places to shop and get my prescriptions filled! My bus was late, but the supervisor named Andres, still blamed it on me.

When asked to speak with one, customers are told, they’re busy. Thanks Reply The Rainelle WV Kroger store has a big problem with the head frontend clerk he is really rude with many customers and he has a big attitude with employees too talks to them like they are stupid this is why I try to shop at the Fairlea Kroger most of the time even though I have to drive a longer distance. Raised the flu shot prices, forced a bunch of pharmacists to part time, never anyone at the service desk. I hope they file bankruptcy sooner than later Reply I worked at King Soopers on 9th and Corona in Denver, CO, from Feb. My supervisor who evaluated me every week was unfair. I went to the manager to get help and he refused to help me.

The manager offered to get me fresh meat, but at that point it was already contaminated.

I’m sure the health department would not appreciate the cross contamination that occurs at this location.

Kroger is one of the largest companies in America making billions.

A customer should not have to retrieve their own carts from the parking lot paying the prices we do for groceries. I was tardy twice, but the third time I was tardy was not my fault.

All I am asking is to hire someone to retrieve carts, replace the broken ones, and put a manager in this store that cares! His girl is the produce head clerk and she is never doing anything I have been told about all the orders she has missed when I asked for things and they she didn’t order them why in the world does Kroger let this go on and I was there and they told me she didn’t order bananas again or cucumbers or a lot of other things that I was needing to buy this happens constantly with her. Emplyees at your stores are not always nice and friendly. Reply To Whom It May Concern: Today, at the Kroeger supermarket on the corner of High St.

A good manager would get out on the floor and help the employees and customers! She had been for off for a couple of months is what one employee told me and the produce department had looked so fresh and full now it will look like it always does when she is there no good and empty and she don’t care. Reply Kroger used to be a good place to shop or work. and North Broadway in Columbus Ohio, my wife went shopping for groceries for our traditional Passover Seder celebration.

I found out today that they can follow the walmart.00 list for meds. Apparantly you have made the same mistake other businessess have made and allowed your politics to seep into your customer base.

We are on fixed incomes with no prescription coverage and have been paying hundreds of dollars per month in medication costs. I know you will continue to be succesful, but I also know that there are many more like me, that would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars at your competitors.

Kroger is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: KR. I have been shopping at this location for a couple of years now. Giving me a gift card does not fix the problems.

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