Being intimidating person

Take a closer look at your results and focus most on where your score is low.

You may find that a simple change to the way you manage will make a huge difference. You are approachable, which means your team members feel relatively little fear in coming to you when they have a problem or an idea.

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Sharing information about yourself is important when you're in a leadership role because it shows others you are empathetic, compassionate and authentic.

Speak about your family, what you did at the weekend, and your hobbies.

You must make a determined and genuine effort to talk to and understand your team members, to find out what they do, check they have what they need, make sure they're happy, and to take action where necessary to correct things that are going wrong.

And don't just talk about work; indulge in a little personal disclosure.

In these high "power-distance" situations, you might have to call your boss "madam" rather than by her first name, and go through a PA if you want to talk to her.

She might have her own reserved car-parking spot, chair meetings from the end of the table, send overly formal emails, and so on. Often, leaders who act this way do so as a way of maintaining their authority.If you don't have an office, improve your visibility by getting up from your desk and walking around.Your desk is your turf, and this can make it hard for team members to approach.Take our quiz to find out just how approachable you are, and discover strategies for becoming more approachable in areas that are holding you back.For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you.Build rapport with others by finding out about their lives outside work, too.

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