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To add, The Georgia jobless rate is at around 460,000 and that's just the people who claim unemployment benefits.

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It is clear that you have obviously researched the situation and have given it some serious thought.

However, I am intrigued that in your expressions I detected some optimism. If right please share the source of your hopefulness..:) It would appear that you have done your research and have given the situation some serious thought. I have been doing ongoing research because I do intend to move to Atlanta in March 2011.

I have a pending job offer in IL and I will be out of Atlanta on the first thing smoking when my job contract comes through.

I live in De Kalb County in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood.

So my question is , based on a city as large as Los Angeles what is the difference in the crime and murders and theft.... How is it that if a person attends church it is much better for them yet the city is in a rage.

So, it all the persons there go to church will that drop crime and hopelessness much.

A., or Chicago or NYC with the population being smaller than those metro areas, yet crime is through the roof. 5 for the most violent city in America and Chicago and New York were ranked waaaaaay lower than Atlanta for crime.

When my mom first moved here (she moved here a year before I did) she would call me to complain about the crime and this was back in 1996.

Georgia is extremely conservative, backward-thinking, pro-business and has limited resources in various areas.

Atlanta has the worst air quality in the country and if you don't have allergies now, you will definitely develop them after moving here.

It's a great neighborhood but because so many people are out of work here, crime is spilling over into this neighborhood.

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