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We will discuss the key geologic points that the authors make showing that a world-wide flood has never occurred, or cannot account for the Grand Canyon, but Id like to take some time and discuss the authors Biblical Problems with flood geology. Walton, Ph D, in which Genesis was not written to us, but for us.

While most of what the authors claim regarding the literal reading of the Biblical text are accurate, there is a major interpretation that they rely on which, by many modern theologians, isnt fully accepted in Evangelical circles. We are to take the Genesis account with Understanding the ancient (sic) Near East (ANE) mindset.

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According to Walton, Genesis isnt about the structure of the physical world, but about the function of the physical world.

Upon this concept, the Biblical aspect of how the authors interpret the geologic record is built. We can view the text, especially in Genesis One and Two, as written to us and we can see how it does affirm the current scientific models for the creation of the Universe and of life on Earth.

Emphasis has been placed on sedimentary rocks, sedimentary structures, and depositional environments, since the majority of rocks within the Grand Canyon are sedimentary.

Having seen all of these examples in the field (and having many rock examples in my own collection), Im amazed that flood geologists still try to convince us of a global flood sorry, I digress, but the geologist in me just wants to scream NO GLOBAL FLOOD! Sir Charles Lyell has been attributed with the phrase, The present is the key to the past. Since this idea is contrary to the flood geology view (flood geologists have to ascribe almost all sedimentary rocks to the Flood), the authors focus in on how geologists use present geologic processes to understand the history of past geologic processes recorded in the rock layers.

Lets discuss what we should find in the geologic record concerning spores and pollen.

If there was a global flood, you would expect a thorough mixing of all the seeds, spores, and pollen.

Here again, the authors expertise in geology stand out.

The modern geologic model for the formation of the Grand Canyon is laid out.

In 1995, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) published a book by Stephen A. Specifically, they, along with a host of other scientists (mostly geologists), wanted to address the way Dr.

Austin presented the geologic record of the Grand Canyon, which was misleading.

This book, , by Carol Hill et al., is a journey through rock and time, from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of the Grand Staircase.

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