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Basically, the line "So wipe off your grin, I know where you've been, it's all been a pack of lies" sticks out a lot.

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I heard another crazy story about this song on a local radio station.

They were playing a list of top songs that were banned, & surprisingly, this song was on that list!

You can't go back and fix it, and while I'm sure you would, if you didn't want me yesterday, well, I don't want you today." she doesn't deserve to be with ANYONE, as she lied to me for over a year.

Sorry for rambling but this song means a lot to me and I just thought I'd tell you how I can connect to this song.

Absolutely love this song, if I saw my ex husband drowning I would Not Lend a Hand.

Absolutely perfect, the Drums he plays at the end when started reminds me of gunfire.After reading many comments on the songs meaning, as a songwriter, I can tell you the majority of songwriters are just happy to find a great riff and melody for a song, and finish it.Any claims about lyrics meaning this or that, is usually nonsense.I also laugh at how people try to explain the meaning of these songs, as this song and the other three I have mentioned can be interpreted as the artist simply killed someone then wrote a song about it.Songwriters rarely write songs about them being defeated, but they tend to become powerful compositions because of the passion the artist has behind the meaning.This song utilizes a drum machine and vocoder, mellow synth pads and bold drum rolls, all traits of Oldfield's music.

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