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"I'd always been very protective, but he was just starting to need a little more freedom. I almost see myself as having two lives: I had Enzo and we grew up together. I just feel much more mellow." In the States, Medium gets higher viewing figures than CSI.Arquette is terrific as the ballsy Allison, and has great chemistry with Jake Weber, who plays her husband.It's easy to forget how shocking True Romance was back in 1993.

Jake Weber (born 19 March 1964) is an English actor, known in film for his role as Michael in Dawn of the Dead and for his role as Drew in Meet Joe Black.

In television, he is known for playing Joe Du Bois, the husband of psychic Allison Du Bois, in the drama series Medium.

Her personal life hasn't always been so idyllic, however.

Arquette has spent most of her life as a single mother (at 19 she had a son Enzo, now 17, from a relationship with musician Paul Rossi). They met in a Los Angeles deli, where Cage proposed on the spot.

' There's still this Dynasty-esque thing happening on network TV. "I had a feeling that women wanted to see something different: different types of body shapes, different faces." It's worked - 60 per cent of viewers are female.

With its storyline of a crime-busting housewife, it may not sound radical, but Medium is filmed in a very experimental way.

Jake's father was born in Denmark, to a Danish father and an English mother (Jake's paternal grandfather was born under the surname "Anderson", later changing it to "Arkner", while Jake's father used his own mother's maiden surname, "Weber").

Jake's maternal grandfather, Robert Coriat, who was born in Mogador, Morocco, was of Moroccan Jewish descent.

She has no time for people who are snobbish about TV.

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