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After dragging poor Kristina along for the first half of the season, Dean changed his mind and picked D-Lo.Kristina left the show voluntarily, heartbroken and furious.He gave me some but did a good job at actually surprising me (which is very hard with me! The day of the proposal I was suspicious, but I had no clue how it was actually going to happen.

When it came time to apply to college, we decided that we wanted to stay together.

Thankfully, we were both accepted to NC State and were able to go to my dream school!

Being that we had been together for almost seven years before Gavin proposed, everyone saw it coming.

I was constantly bugging him and asking him to give me hints.

Gavin and I met in High School Biology class where he sat behind me.

After a few months, Gavin got the courage to talk to me and asked for a gigantic marshmallow.I gave him one and he immediately (jokingly) said that he loved me.In the next few weeks we began talking outside of class. I specifically remember Gavin saying just two weeks after we had been dating "can't you see us together at 80".In my next relationship, I want to be valued and respected…with that said, I cannot give out this rose tonight and, gentlemen, I want you to know you're all amazing, but I won't be staying here, so I will be saying my goodbyes.If you've been watching this season of , first of all, I'm sorry. And second of all, you're probably aware of the great big heaping mess Dean Unglert caused with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard (also known as Danielle L. Kristina explained that it was an instant connection that first week.

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