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The idea is to take relationships offline as much as possible and not get caught in an endless swipefest like other sites.“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships, not just hook-ups,” Mark Zuckerberg said when announcing the initiative.Why pay for other sites and services when you can find other Christian singles here for free?

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The new profiles will feature a picture, name, location and age.

Exchanges will be text-only — so there won’t be any unsolicited lewd pics.

Online dating is all about taking exciting chances — sending that first message or a flirty wink can lead to an incredible connection between two people.

However, there’s an important line that must be drawn when it comes to deciding which chances are not worth taking.

There’s no easy way to see who is single and no easy way to get in touch short of sending a direct message that could wind up in their spam folder anyway.

Sorting by other features like religion or political views is even more complicated.

Facebook now will allow users to make a dating profile, separate from their current one. For some, that’s what’s worrisome about the social-media giant getting into the dating game.

It’ll be opt-in, so we won’t all suddenly be in the dating pool with our Facebook friends like our great aunt and that kid who picked his nose a lot in third grade. In The Washington Post, Drew Harwell and Elizabeth Dwoskin warned that “Facebook’s dating service is a chance to meet the catfisher, advertiser or scammer of your dreams.” They quote Kevin Lee, the trust and safety architect of the fraud-detection startup Sift Science and a former Facebook spam manager, who says the platform “could subject users to a host of new risks, including financial fraud.” But that would be the case on any dating platform.

If Facebook gave people the ability to see if they have mutual friends with a prospective mate, that would go a long way toward forging the real connections Facebook claims to want.

If you are chatting with a cute guy with whom you have three friends in common, you can get the lowdown on him before making the leap to meet in person.

And Facebook’s recent problems involving the 2016 election and various privacy breaches ought to make the company more vigilant in protecting users.

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