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This was the classic scenario where there is massive failure by trusted institutions and extensive child sex abuse only to learn that justice under state law is not an option.Most were out of the criminal statute and the Michigan civil SOL is age 19, period.Forget removing sovereign immunity (as MSU insisted as a precondition to the settlement).

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So much for the power of the #Me Too movement to improve the victims’ position in Georgia.

New York lawmakers fought harder than ever over the Child Victims Act, with the end result a political standoff between senate Republicans and Democrats.

It’s been over a decade, and one would have thought they would have understood more by now.

Michigan was shoved into the public spotlight on these issues by Larry Nassar and the brave gymnasts who came forward.

, swept away hope this week that employees would be able to form class actions or join forces against oppressive employer practices.

Instead, arbitration clauses in agreements pit the lone employee against the employer.

It does not permit survivors to go to court or sue the institutions that caused the abuse.

That means no embarrassing discovery for institutions and no truth for the public.

Since then, each state has followed a different path, but victims in none of these states are likely to celebrate soon.

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