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I have been through cancer and survived it and I have the drive and the survivor mentality and trust me I WILL get through it for myself, for my family and for all of you. Football is such a great distraction for me and as you all know i love my sports and my football sundays and im known to swear a little bit lol ok a lot.

I appreciate all the love prayers and unending support you have all given me during this time. I love that I am able to open up and share private parts of myself with all my fans.

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At the beginning of 2014; Livermore has officially taken the Bulb under it's wing, and plans are under way to create a new display under the Bulb, and on the wall, a new look at the Bulbcam, and a re-invention of this website. Sandia National Labs California, in their efforts to help us understand, has broken a 30W Shelby bulb. Chief Tom Bramell called the Station Captain and bypassed the UPS generator, and it Worked!

See some pictures of the Bulb off on the Bulbcam page.

I really dont want to even think about what I am going to do without him. I am moving forward and trying to keep my head up and move into a new space and a new frame of mind and hoping and praying things get better.

I am moving into a new place and cannot wait to refresh and get back on cam with you guys and get back to all the projects that I had started prior to all of this. But supporting me and my work is equally as important.

2016 saw the new display case finished below the bulb, and the constant work of the Firefighter crew. As in 2001, and 2011, the Centennial Light Bulb reached another milestone of 1,000,000 hours!

The New Bulbcam, a Sony, was put up and has been sending out pictures twice as big, sharp, and clear! Good times were had by all at Fire Station 6 in Livermore, CA with food, fun, and history in the making. Welcome to the homepage of the Centennial Bulb, the Longest burning Light Bulb in history. For those of you coming here for the first time, feel free to explore the pages of our amazing little bulb, with pictures, stories, facts, and history.2017 was a very quiet year, (if you can say that around a fire station). It had the normal amount of curious visitors, and a few tv crews drop by, but it's 116th year was just a slow warm glow.This year put me through hell, it put me through reflection it put me in the worst situations you can imagine but it TAUGHT me so much. I lost loved ones, my shaggy the love of my life sadly has congestive heart failure and has an enlarged heart and is sadly not going to be around much longer. Shaggy is my first ever dog and has been with me through every single thing and hardship imaginable. These diseases are so close to my heart and its been overwhelming, exhausting, in every way possible.

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