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Once your home is heavily infested with these blood-feeding mites, getting rid of bird mites becomes a difficult process.

Follow these smart strategies to eradicate bird mites and get a better night’s sleep.

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Hey Everyone, I’m still going crazy — please don’t tell others. I’ve the organic coconut oil and I feel like it feels like lard on my skin and it isn’t stopping the bitting and it doesn’t even have a real cocunut smell which would have at least been a little pleasent.

I’ve tried the alcohol — spaying it on the sheets and some on my bites and it isn’t working.

To eliminate bird mites that crawl on open surfaces use cloth moistened with alcohol or a vacuum cleaner. Bats are useful creatures till the time they enter your home, aren’t they? The species of these mites may vary, but the problem and symptoms are the same.

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