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If you’re worried that your account has been compromised, there are a few steps you can take.The first is to check, which allows you to search across a history of data breaches to see if your email addresses are okay or compromised.

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If you have been compromised, or fear you have been, begin changing your passwords immediately.

Make sure there’s a form of two-step authentication in place, or anything else to prevent email access from unrecognized devices, and change any identical or similar passwords you may use on multiple sites.

Don’t go dishing out your personal email address to anybody and everybody and, if you have a website, don’t make it public as this is easy fodder for spammers harvesting details.

A massive hack has resulted in the theft of usernames and passwords for email accounts and other websites, which are now on sale in Russia.

It takes a bit of forward planning, but there is a little-known trick to track who is selling your email address.

related So if you were signing up for e Bay, you would enter ray [email protected]

Microsoft, which saw as many as 33 million Hotmail accounts stolen in this breach, has stated that it has security measures in place to protect against accounts being compromised.

Meanwhile, about 40 million of the stolen credentials come from Yahoo Mail accounts. Thousands of other stolen usernames and passwords are not connected to an email account, but belong to employees of large U. companies, particularly those involved in banking, manufacturing, and retail.

If you have already opened the email before realising it's spam, it’s not too late - just don’t open any of the links.

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