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The two pertinent clauses in the invocation policy are listed below: 1.

25." Also attached are the four Clearfield City Council meeting minutes over the past year where the prayer issue was discussed.

There is not an electronic copy of the Resolution 2004R-20 adopted at the December 14, 2004 council meeting on the Clearfield City internet site, although Julian, Chris, and Stephen have paper copies of it.

Utah atheists are making good on their promise to deliver messages during the public prayer portion of city council meetings.

A member of Utah Atheists exercised his legal right in replacing public prayer, reading from a prepared text to open the Syracuse council meeting Tuesday.

He came down from the dais before the prayer, saying he was doing so to illustrate that he was praying as a resident and not as a member of the council.

Clearfield officials eliminated the practice of prayer in the first meeting of 2004, due to what some leaders saw as a possible mockery of the practice, initiated by letters from local atheists. Mayor Tom Waggoner publicly lamented that the invitation for prayer hadn't generated response from residents.

American Atheists and Utah Atheists, though, aren't worried.

Plans are afoot to show lawmakers the error of their unconstitutional ways by having a medley of fringe religious groups invited to deliver an invocation.

Layton Assistant City Attorney Steve Garside said that if public prayer is allowed by any religious denomination to be part of an opening ceremony, then cities need to afford the same opportunity to all groups.

"In Layton, it has been a positive thing," Garside said of the volunteer prayer policy the city adopted in April.

The disclosure came moments before the city's first council meeting of the year.

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