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The first audio track may be a pre-existing track stored in a data storage medium.

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The mystical characters in Whorecraft: Legion of Whores have explored many exotic realms, but they’re about to embark into a whole new terrain: DVD! It’s been a presence on that list ever since it debuted in 2013, and is showing no signs of slowing down (as of this writing, it is ranked number nine).

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The audio interface operably receives audio from an audio input device and outputting audio to an audio output device.

The audio converter module is operably connected to the audio interface to convert audio received via the audio interface into an audio track having one or more partitions.

At one point in time, rapper 50 Cent was the king of an estimated half-billion dollar fortune.

But, several costly legal battles and other financial conditions drove the star to file for bankruptcy this past July.

The duo is cuddling on a couch looking super sexy while Jason toasts the new relationship with a glass of white wine.

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