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The representatives of the city were the burgomasters, first mentioned in 1253, and the assessors, mentioned in 1221.

From the beginning the monastery was independent of the jurisdiction of the count.

How large a district enjoyed this immunity cannot now be ascertained.

It was presided over by the burgomasters, who, from 1268, were not appointed by the bishop, but by those citizens ( guden luden ) who had the right of voting.

Taking advantage of the bishop's pecuniary needs, the municipality gradually obtained large rights and privileges.

Even at this early date it must have been a place of some importance.

Among the earliest possessions of the Church at Münster were three large landed estates, apparently the gift of Charlemagne.

The extensive commerce of the city rapidly increased its importance.

As early as 1253 it formed a defensive alliance with the neighboring cities of Osnabrück, Dortmund, Soest, and Lippstadt, and one with the cathedral chapter in 1257.

From the thirteenth century, in addition to the judge appointed by the bishop, there were city judges, who are first mentioned in 1255.

They were appointed by the burgomasters from the members of the city council.

In 1386 the cathedral chapter obtained it by purchase.

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