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Installing parental controls is a key step forward.

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Parents whose family have been devastated by online issues who now use monitoring or filtering software would do anything to turn back time . Family Zone is an essential piece of the cyber safety formula.

Family Zone is a great idea for families who want a filtering and monitoring system that grows with their family.

This is why I recommend Family Zone as it provides a universal and affordable level of control for parents.

Along with establishing parental controls and regularly discussing cyber-safety with our kids, we also need tools that protect them when they’re online.

Family Zone is by far THE best web based filtering service (and so much more) on the market today.

It will truly help you establish a safe, online environment for your family both in and outside the home.

There is no doubt that protecting and regulating our kids’ online activity is one of the major challenges of today.

I urge all parents to engage in their kids’ online world.

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