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This feature will handily link them back to that message if they need added context as well. Throw in some bold and italics to get your point across Whats App is great for most things. Fortunately there's a hidden little feature to help you better get your point across and help your friends understand the urgency of your messages. Instead, every time you want to put a bit of emphasis on a certain word, you'll have to put the desired command shortcut around the words you want to stand out.

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Adult chats for ipad Sexyflirt

Make it easy to switch phones with your messages in tow Worried about losing your past year of mass messages?

You don't have to put off upgrading your handset - just take your chats with you. Both i Phone and Android owners have their own Whats App backup options thanks to i Cloud and Google Drive syncing.

This will send a single message to multiple recipients, creating an individual chat for each.

You don't even need to trouble yourself with endless cut and paste efforts either – it's the modern equivalent of BCCing someone into an email.13.

And in its place, long live the more popular, more flexible, more user-friendly – and now entirely free – Whats App.

With the annual fee having long since been knocked on the head and video calling having finally landed alongside better video viewing, there's now nothing standing between you and endless chats.

Hide the fact that you're ignoring someone Read Receipts) is a great way to avoid the 'I know you've read it' message rebuttals when opting to ignore someone.

Turn them off all the time, however, and suspicion might start to grow.

Well, there's a great way to give people priority, although it's one for just the Android folks - sorry Apple owners.

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