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each set of scenarios will have a sublist of games which must be played in order. In Campaign mode you will be given a list of scenarios.

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every so often the game will give you challenges which you can accept or decline.

In a challenge game there are no winning conditions but you do need to watch your money.

---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7---- ----8 FAQ/STRATEGY GUIDE FOR ZOO TYCOON 2 game by BLUE FANG and Microsoft this guide written by SOLDYNE Version 4.01 VERSION HISTORY: 4.01 - Updated some user feedback about the North American Content Scenario. List of buildings will not be comming any time soon, there are just too darn many of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS (TO GO TO ANY SECTION USE THE FIND COMMAND AND TYPE IN THE ROMAN NUMERAL, THE LETTER OR THE NUMBER WITH BRACKETS OR PERIODS AND GO TO THE SECTION (DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200) I. just like in Challenge mode you must increase your zoo's fame level in order to gain access to new objects buildings and animals.

Added a link to File Front for the Animal Info Excel Spreadsheet. on the more difficult games (discussed later) you must adopt certain animals in order to win, however, the game will only give you a random choice so you must continuously decline adoption until the winning animal appears which can be very annoying.

The profile will also keep track of pictures taken and saved games.

of course, if you choose to work together with someone then a single profile will do.

Before you start you game you can choose the level of cash you can start with.

the only thing you can do with it is add animals to make it an exhibit.

as your zoo's fame increases you will be able to purchase better objects and buildings and more interesting animals.

in order to gain access to many of the items and animals in this mode you must increase you zoo's fame level (also discussed later).

added research for marine animal training and marine shows. corrected my terrible spelling of "scenario" throughout the document. Does not include Marine Shows, Challenge list, Buildings/Objects list, expansion scenario walkthroughs, and some other items. Each scenario will be different having different starting conditions such as different levels of cash, pre-built zoos, conservation areas, and fame levels.

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