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Dionysius’ dating was questioned by the English saint Bede in the 8th century and rejected outright by the German monk Regino of Prüm at the end of the 9th.

According to some sources, the Hijrah date was first used by Yaʿlā ibn Umayyah, Abū Bakr’s governor in Yemen.

This sounds somewhat plausible because Yemenis were probably used to affixing dates to their documents.

On the one hand, its date had been fixed; on the other, ʿUmar and his advisers must have recognized the importance of the migration—Islam had become, as a result, a religion and a state.

Before the introduction of the new epoch, the Yemen the practice of dating had been perfected to the extent that inscriptions show the day, the month, and the year.

The lunar year was adopted by the Muslims for the new chronology.

In this there was hardly any innovation insofar as Arabia was concerned.

Outside Italy it is first found in England (in a charter of 676) and shortly afterward in Spain and Gaul.

It was not quickly adopted in royal diplomas and other solemn documents, however, and in the papal chancery it did not replace the indiction until the time of John XIII (965–972).

There is, however, a consensus among workers in the field that 8 Rabīʿ I was the day of the Hijrah, that ʿUmar instituted the use of the date for the new era, and that this was done in 17.

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