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We like the idea that we can alleviate all of our suffering permanently. Yeah, it’s probably better to see the glass half-full than half-empty. If something bad happens to them, it’s because somebody is jealous and trying to bring them down a notch. People who are entitled delude themselves into whatever feeds their sense of superiority.”Entitled people only see their positives. Entitled people think that their shit deserves some special treatment. There’s nothing wrong with trying to become exceptional at something. Once we accept that we’re as unspecial as it gets we can start improving ourselves and getting better at whatever we want to. There’s a five-hundred-pound of shit waiting for you wherever you go. All depending on their values and by what standards they measure failure/success.“Pleasure is great, but it’s a horrible value to prioritize your life around…

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Because when you give better fucks, you get better problems.

And when you get better problems, you get a better life.”“There is a simple realization from which all personal improvement and growth emerges.

Happiness is therefore a form of action; it’s an activity, not something that is passively bestowed upon you, not something that you magically discover in a top-ten article on the Huffington Post.”And guess what, it’s not the same for everybody. However, it wasn’t the happy feeling I was expecting. (Classic case of the Feedback Loop from Hell.)“This is a difficult pill to swallow. It turns out that adversity and failure are useful and even necessary for developing strong-minded and successful adults.”In other words: Fuck positivity. Entitled people feel that they deserve good things without actually earning them.“People who feel entitled view every occurrence in their life as either an affirmation of, or a threat to, their own greatness. The vast majority of life is extraordinary, indeed quite average. And because we’re all quite average, we feel that we don’t measure up and that we’re not good enough. They have got completely different standards by which they measure their grades.

Some people might be happy when they can solve actual math problems. And when they solve the problem, they go to the next one immediately. Au contraire, I kind of felt lost the next days because I didn’t know what to do. This emptiness felt actually worse than the studying for the exams. We like the idea that there’s some form of ultimate happiness that can be attained. Sometimes things are fucked up and we need to live with it. If something good happens to them, it’s because of some amazing feat they accomplished. You’ve got the same shit in your life as millions of other people. “Being ‘average’ has become the new standard of failure.”Yes, you can. The exact same grade or situation can mean very different things for people.

He dreamed about it and imagined himself being on stage with thousands of people yelling his name and stuff. And sooner or later reality will hit and it will be painful. And you need to work extremely hard in order to get there. Pleasure is not the cause of happiness; rather, it is the effect.”“The fact is, people who base their self-worth on being right about everything prevent themselves from learning from their mistakes…

Because reality is not a unicorn dancing on clouds. It’s far more helpful to assume that you’re ignorant and don’t know a whole lot. Negative emotions are a necessary component of emotional health.

This is the realization that we, individually, are responsible for everything in our lives, no matter the external circumstances.”This is powerful stuff.

If we realize that we’re responsible for everything in our lives, then we get to improve ourselves.

In short, you feel a certain feeling for some reason (or no obvious reason at all) and having this feeling makes you feel even worse. Because if you don’t find that meaningful something, your fucks will be given to meaningless and frivolous causes.”When we grow older we learn to accept ourselves, including the parts we’re not thrilled about. However, someone who enjoys what he’s doing day-in, day-out will be a much happier person. The point is to find the shit you enjoy dealing with.”“Sometime in the 1960s, developing ‘high self-esteem’ – having positive thoughts and feelings about oneself – became all the rage in psychology. But it’s the most important, because our values determine the nature of our problems, and the nature of our problems determines the quality of our lives.”“What is objectively true about your situation is not as important as how you come to see the situation, how you choose to measure it and value it.

For example, you get pissed off because your spouse hasn’t thanked you for washing the dishes. And this is liberating as we no longer feel the urge to give a fuck about everything but only the things that matter. “There is a premise that underlies a lot of our assumptions and beliefs. If I can be with a person like Z, then I can be happy.”This is BS. “Happiness is not a solvable equation.”It’s like they say, the journey is the reward. They play a long season because they want to win the league. They train 11 months a year for 1 title which they celebrate for a few days max. A person who hates his job exchanges 5 days of pain for 2 days of free time. “No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of shit waiting for you. Research found that people who thought highly about themselves generally performed better and caused fewer problems… Book authors write a lot and need to go through a lot of shit in that sense. So whatever you do, you need to go through a lot of shit. Problems may be inevitable, but the meaning of each problem is not. For Jim it may be a fantastic grade and he gets super enthusiastic about it.

Lifting weights sucks because you haven’t chosen it but you got to do it. The same holds true for the younger version of you. Interestingly enough, Mark states that we shall not trust our conception of positive/negative experiences. This is also important in order to be able to change our values and prioritizations.

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