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Then he devours a massive meatloaf sandwich in San Antonio, wrapped in crispy bacon and drenched in an egg.Finally, he heads to Brooklyn for a smoked lamb belly sandwich and Chinese style sticky ribs.

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Deep Fried Comfort Creations (air date: 2016-03-25) In Brooklyn, Michael Symon digs into an incredible one-of-a-kind creation, a deep-fried burger.

Next, he cruises through the New Orleans French Quarter for classic Cajun creations like crawlfish and grits and jambalaya, washed down with an adult sundae steeped in local stout beer.

Spicy, Salty and Succulent (air date: 2016-02-05) Food Network star, Eddie Jackson, meets Michael Symon in Austin for a barbeque sandwich that has the entire town lined up.

Then, Michael heads to Jersey City, where a chef who was tired of driving into Manhattan for a great burger concocted his own sweet and spicy creation.

Meat Fix Four Ways (air date: 2016-04-08) Michael Symon begins his meat-seeking journey in Lockhart, Texas, where one family remains at the forefront of America's greatest barbeque after four generations.

Next, he swings over to a British-style joint in Brooklyn where they use lobster meat and pork belly to amp up a traditional BLT.

Next, he heads to a husband-and-wife owned pizza place in Brooklyn where the chef whips up a burger so delicious, he put it on the menu and named it after his bride.

Finally, in Kansas City, Michael meets a team that smokes some of the best burnt-ends around!

Alcohol "I don't trust a date who doesn't drink," mused a male colleague of mine while we were out the other night. No wonder that these days, instead of singletons suggesting a coffee date, I often hear them expressing that when it comes to a first date, the most important aspect is location, location, location. The other night at a swanky event, I got speaking to a male photographer.

After the usual formalities of meeting, greeting and enquiring politely about where we each worked, I began formulating my escape-route-excuse so I could skip off to grab another glass of champagne.

Next, he whips up spicy fried chicken and waffles that are making the Cincinnati food scene soar, before hitting the French Quarter in New Orleans for Caribbean inspired creations like crispy, tender rum-soaked ribs.

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