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K = 12) and generate quantity assignments to individuals.So, for example individual A might be assigned 40% population 1 and 60% population 2 for K = 2.All the Bengali non-Brahmins (Baidya are a non-Brahmin high caste in West Bengal) have substantial East Asian ancestry. Additionally, their “NE Euro” component is about double that of non-Brahmins.

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– South Indian Brahmins are genetically distinct from North Indian Brahmins.

They seem to have about one half the proportion of the “NE Euro” component as North Indian Brahmins (e.g., compare to Bengali Brahmins).

These are not real populations, but the labels tell you which region these components are modal.

So, for example, the “S Indian” component peaks in southern India.

The connection between ancestry and caste status also seems to break down somewhat in the Northwest, as there is a wide variation in ancestral components.

Someone with more knowledge of South Asian ethnography should weigh in.But until then I invite readers of South Asian heritage to submit their results to Zack.This blog is about evolution, genetics, genomics and their interstices.His motivation was in large part to fill in the gaps of population coverage within South Asia which one sees in the academic literature.Much of this is due to politics, as the government of India has traditionally been reluctant to allow sample collection (ergo, the HGDP data uses Pakistanis as their South Asian reference, while the Hap Map collected DNA from Indian Americans in Houston).The results above also suggest that the Syrian Christians derive from converts from the Nair community, or related communities. Finally let’s move to North India, and the zone stretching between Punjab in the Northwest and Bihar in the East.

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