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Even though you may have become single quickly, perhaps through a divorce, finding and becoming part of a new relationship will not happen so immediately. I was gainfully employed, had all my teeth and (grey) hair. What I realized is that I didn’t get any responses because I was aiming at the wrong target.

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If I had gotten my fantasy, my Larry would be rich and a few inches taller. It’s crazy because, first, we are often wrong about what men want.

If he got his, I would be rich and many pounds lighter. Second, men—the mature, smart ones who know something about women—can see right through the charade…and it’s a huge turn-off.

The invitations became fewer and far between, and then they stopped. Phone calls for a second date always got recorded on their voice mail. There comes a time in the hero’s life where he must learn the tools and lessons necessary to overcome the wasteland, to overcome the invisibility that has surrounded him.

Like the hero above, I knew that something was wrong, but I didn’t know how to fix the problem and heal myself. He must learn the lessons, and come back and teach those lessons to others.♦◊♦I have returned with the elixir, and I am here to bear witness that we can all be healed.

—-In the 1933 Universal Horror film, The Invisible Man, Claude Rains plays a scientist who becomes invisible when he starts experimenting with a dangerous chemical.

This radical and sudden change turns him from a compassionate seeker of knowledge into a murderer, bent on chaos and destruction. He refuses the call to action that will lead to the journey that will change his life forever. We can even teach other men how to become invisible. I will now show you the ingredients that led to my invisibility.

Prepare yourself for this, because it’s inevitable. Those days are saved for guys who are in the midst of a mid-life crisis and trust me, it’s not going to end well. In your journey to visibility, I need you to get out of the damn house.

He will lose sleep, he will lose money, and he will lose self-respect trying to keep that plane in the air, but it’s going to end like the Hindenburg disaster. I need you to adjust your thermostat to women who are your own age. — When you are doing things that make you happy, you are going to want to hang out with people who are also doing those things. Once I started really embracing my nerdiness, I wanted to hang out with other folks who loved the same thing that I did.

I was too busy scribbling away in my Ivory Tower to keep in touch with friends and family, much less go out to see them and have a drink or dinner or even coffee with them.

They would invite me out, I would choose art over friendship, and I would turn them down.

All I knew was, that as a man, I had to take action. I rushed out into the world, signed up for dating services, started going out again, and the pain only increased. You can have a great social life, you can start dating again.

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