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They are at the very core of the Alcoholics Anonymous program You can never complete the 12 steps of AA. From the moment you undertake the program you are, to use AA parlance, constantly 'working the steps' in your life. Ever since the first group of alcoholics involved in the program opened their arms and their doors in the 1930's to begin spreading the care and compassion that this group is so well-known for sharing with other alcoholics, its level of popularity has continued to increase world-wide.However, despite its popularity and widespread acceptance, ONLY 5% of alcoholics remain sober after 3 years of attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.These 12 steps if followed, will 'guarantee' sobriety (at least according to AA).

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They believe that it takes a large amount of willingness, a change in attitudes and acts on the alcoholic individual's part to successfully be able to make a positive change in their life without alcohol.

This change is achieved through the involvement of four individual phases which can be seen in the list of the 12 steps above. Recovering alcoholics continue to live by the 12 steps in order to stay sober.

By doing this a true or 'spiritual' healing, can occur to the three parts of a person.

Through the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps meetings, new members of the group are often able to identify similarities in messages that other alcoholics share within the group, resulting in the realization and admission that they themselves have a problem with alcohol.

Residents leave with a commitment to their recovery and the skills to maintain it.

Banyan offers individualized treatment, a faith-based option, and a variety of amenities at its 5 locations.Alumni had high praise for the treatment team, including "awesome" therapists and staff members who were "like family."This So Cal rehab fosters a regimented but respectful recovery environment, where teens learn how to live sober through plenty of 12-step meetings and life-skills classes—not to mention "equine-assisted psychotherapy" and mixed martial arts.Alumni of The Clearing praise the non-12 step approach which focuses on "self-counseling skills" and "learning how to love yourself" while you heal in a historic, fully restored farmhouse surrounded by the natural beauty of San Juan Island.For alternatives to the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps model read our pages on AA alternatives.Individuals that are involved in peer-groups of the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps program don't think that quitting drinking is easy.Capo By The Sea offers an executive rehab program complete with medical detox and a focus on dual-diagnosis issues, as well as an outpatient option in an environment that exudes the kind of beach house optimism one would expect from an Orange County recovery outfit.

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