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What was the United States is labeled "Magna Hesperia" on the new map.

The map also identifies several areas with Latin names including Civitas Angeli (City of Angels) near Los Angeles, Flos (Flower) in Florida, Sola Stella (The Only Star) in Texas and Procidens Aqua (Falling Water) near Niagara Falls.

But with an Amazonian queen like you by my side, I could make short work of the rest of the world.

(Sara places a hand on Caesar's chest and pushes him back.)Sara: ...

You'd think Ray of all people would know better than to ask if Sara needs help in a fight.

Performances Once again, Caity Lotz steals the show and shows why this series has become her vehicle.

Technobabble An anachronism is a person, place or thing outside of it's natural place in time.

According to Rip, going back to her proper time was her idea, not his.

Even if Oliver Queen or her dad couldn't get her a job on their security detail because of nepotism laws, surely they could pull some strings to get her work in a similar field!

Ray and Nate pay homage to the original Ghosbusters, quoting Bill Murray's misquote of Julius Caesar - "We came.

Ray Palmer has developed a new way of shrinking organic matter and streamlined the technology so that it can be worn more effectively.

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