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Our services and activities range from apprenticeships, careers guidance, qualification pathways and advanced professional development courses through to international project work.

The BZB is one of the largest training centres of its kind in Germany, with almost 1,000 apprentices and trainees at three principal sites in Krefeld, Wesel and Düsseldorf plus a branch facility in Duisburg.

BZB Krefeld satisfies the approval criteria specified by SOKA-BAU and DEKRA, which meets all quality requirements applicable to vocational education establishments in Germany.

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We also develop and prepare concepts according to client-specific training requirements, implemented as either a single seminar or a series of activities. We advise jobseekers on the processes and procedures involved in finding work, directing them to prospects that could enable them to gain a foothold in the labour market.

With a modular qualification pathway or alternative retraining/reskilling programmes, candidates can freshen up their knowledge or even gain new vocational qualifications.

Our approval by AZAV as a vocational qualification and professional development body underlines our position as a leading education service provider.

The approval requirements apply to all organisations that implement measures aligned to promoting employment in compliance with Germany’s SGB III (Social Insurance Code), either internally or through third parties.

We aim to combine traditional trades with the very latest in best practice, focusing on quality and service in order to provide our students with the skills to cope with both current and future requirements.

We are regarded as pioneers in our educational field, consistently embracing proven trends and innovation in our curricula.These are further complemented by a range of international courses.Most of the seminars and training content of our advanced professional development curriculum can be provided as client-based in-house events.We work to consistently promote, improve and advance vocational training, the image of the building trades, energy-efficient construction, craft clustering, modern supervisor training, the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling), issues such as digitisation and work-based learning, and much more.BZB Krefeld has a hall of residence with all modern conveniences and 46 beds in twin rooms.We also help people prepare for work through a number of measures, including language assistance and an introduction to the German employment system for refugees.

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