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On weekdays in the book she lives in rented apartments away from the husband she’d been with for 18 years, and enjoys the sexual perks and pitfalls of an open marriage.Each weekend she returns to be his monogamous wife.

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I’m getting a lot of ‘this is so great, thank you so much, this is so brave and vulnerable, kudos to you’.

“And then on the other hand there are people saying ‘you should be ashamed of yourself you whore, I hope you get the clap.

“I learned that I was looking to my marriage for security, whereas now my security is much more located within myself.

I was looking to my marriage for all, or for most, of my passion, and I thought motherhood could bring a certain kind of passion.

She explains in her memoir how when she first married Mansfield, “she wasn’t built for casual sex”, even when he gives her permission to “fool around” on a weekend trip.

But by the time they establish an open marriage, she has changed.I counted myself as one of the lucky ones,” she reveals in the book.It was when Mansfield opted for the procedure, Rinaldi says, that her gut told her that she was entitled to indulge in the sexual exploration she had sacrificed in her youth for a motherhood that would never materialise.It’s a good thing you never reproduced’.” “It isn't a self-help book, it’s just my own personal story. I think if people are drawn to it and they relate to it that’s great, and if not feel completely free to ignore it.” A barrage of unconstructive negative opinion on your most intimate moments is hard for anyone to take, however much you might expect a reasonable amount of criticism for any work of writing.And like many women who stick their head above the parapet by challenging norms, she has faced a markedly aggressive response from a vocal minority online, and Rinaldi is quick to call out the double standards between men and women. “I think a man writing about an open marriage would get some disapproval as well.At one session, she is introduced to a technique called orgasmic meditation (OM) by watching a man lightly stroke the left side of a woman’s clitoris, until she climaxes 15 minutes later.

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